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our history

The Legacy of the Ohio Diocese

The Original Glorious Church has a rich and deeply rooted heritage in Ohio, dating back many years. Throughout the state's history, the church has been a powerful force for good, with many of its members and leaders making significant impacts in their communities. The church has always been dedicated to spreading the Gospel message and serving the needs of those around them through acts of charity, community outreach, and other forms of service. This legacy of faithfulness and devotion to God and others continues to inspire and guide our church as we seek to build upon the foundation laid by those who came before us and extend the love of Christ to new generations of believers and seekers throughout Ohio and beyond.

History of the Ohio Diocese

Previous Bishops who served as Diocesan for the various churches of the Ohio Diocese. These churches included Elyria, Cleveland, Columbus, Norwalk, Oberlin, Chillicothe, and Lorain. Our first Diocesan was Bishop James H. Smith, Bishop Oney Fitzpatrick, Bishop John C. Pace, and Bishop Melvin Maughmer, Sr. Our present Diocesan is Overseer Dr. Bernita Wright.

Ohio Diocesan Assistants and Diocese Auxiliary Chairpersons were Bishop Charles Eberhardt and Bishop George Steele.

Current Assistant Diocesan:  Bishop Ivan Carey.

Over the years, we had many pastors in Ohio, including:
Bishop James Smith, Bishop David Blount, Bishop Isaiah W. Hamiter, Bishop Oney Fitzpatrick, Mother Jimmie Mae Harding, Bishop George Steele, Bishop John Colbert, Pastor Carrie Charlton, Bishop Melvin Maughmer, Sr., Bishop Quander Wilson, Bishop Hosea Harris, Bishop Mullins, Bishop Samuel Moore, Bishop John C. Pace, Bishop Julia Shaffer, Pastor Mattie Bailey, Elder Beane, Elder Gregory Fly, Pastor Brenda France-Burns, Elder Holscoth, Bishop James Hannibal, Elder Ray Robinson, Sr., Pastor Sarah Williamson, Elder Larry Harris, Elder Harold Brown, Elder Kenneth Jones, Elder Allen Carter, Elder Stiltner, Bishop James Bowman, Bishop Charles Eberhardt Elder Stevie Robinson, Elder Ray Robinson Jr., Mother Annie Smith (founder of the Barberton church), Elder Eaton, Elder Alexander, Elder Hampton,
Elder Carlton, Elder Delbert Oden, Elder Lewis Fitzpatrick, Elder Samuel Cheatham, Pastor Doris Williams, Elder Kenneth Cheatham, Pastor Olivia Hamiter, Elder Gary Perkins, Pastor Blandine Walls, Elder Rodney Thomas, Bishop Melvin Maughmer, Jr., Overseer Dr. Bernita Wright, and Bishop Ivan Carey.

Previous District Elders:
Bishop Charles Eberhardt, Bishop Melvin Maughmer, Sr., Elder Rodney Thomas, and Bishop Melvin Maughmer, Jr.

Ohio Diocese Sunday School Superintendents:
Deacon William Porter, Elder Charles Porter, and Sister Linda Bush.

Diocese Missionary Presidents:
Evangelist Carrie Charlton initiated the Jr. Missionary, in which Min. Michelle Walker was the Jr. Missionary President.
Evangelist Linda Thompson
Evangelist Marilyn Netter
Evangelist Christine Hamiter
Presently Evangelist April Carey serves as the Diocese Missionary President.

YPWW Presidents include:
Bishop David Blount
Elder James Hairston
Elder Obadiah Harris
Elder Courtney Smith
Min. Airon Thomas
Presently Deacon Elect Brandon Halliburton serves as President.

YPWW Assistants:
Pastor Joan Walker served two terms as Vice President of YPWW

Ohio Diocese State Evangelist:
Evangelist Linda Johnson
Presently Evangelist Christine Hamiter

Serving as our Diocese Mothers:
Mother Mary Pace
Sister Sharon Maughmer
Presently Evangelist Annie Steele, President
Dr. Ernestine Henley – Assistant

Diocese Treasurer:
Sister Lizzie Richardson — President
Deaconess Daisy Ross – Assistant
Presently Deaconess Daisy Ross – President
Evangelist Tina Hunter – Assistant

Diocese Secretary:
Pastor Joan Walker
Overseer Dr. Bernita Wright
Evangelist Tina Hunter

Diocese Choir Directors:
Pastor Diana Lindsey, Pastor Alvin Lindsey, Brother Aaron Lindsey, Elder Jackie Smith, Brother Avery Thomas, Sister Valeria Harris, and Sister Paulette Harris Barnes, Presently the Ohio Diocese Choir Director is Sister Dortesse Christian.

Pastor Alvin Lindsey, Brother Aaron Lindsey, Min. Jamie Johnson, Elder Rodney Thomas, Brother Aris Thomas, Brother Ashton Thomas, Brother Aaron Thomas, Brother Traye Porter, Brother Clint Harris, Elder Jackie Smith, Brother Richard Wright III, Brother Ron Hunter, Brother Lonnie Edwards, Deacon James Steele, Brother Vaughn Shores, Brother Kenneth Tyler, Brother Jermaine Smith, Min. Jackie Smith, Jr., Deacon Bobby Christian, Jr., Mother Delaney Eberhardt, Brother Billy Wilkins, and Sister Eve Shaffer,

Presently Deacon Michael Christian serves as the Minister of Music for the Ohio Diocese.

Praise Team Leaders:
Min. Jamie Johnson
Brother Treavon Pruitt
Sister Dortesse Christian
Elder Jackie Smith
Presently Evangelist Lisa Williams is our Ohio Diocese Praise Leader

Usher Board:
Evangelist Tina Hunter – President
Deaconess Daisy Ross –Assistant
Presently Sister Kendria Carter is the Usher Board President

Nurse’s Guild:
Sister Mary Scott
Evangelist Mary Anderson Miller
Presently Sister Kimberly Lowe serves as President

Creative Arts Department
Sister Jamie Eldridge – Coordinator

Brotherhood Department
Deacon Richard Wright, Jr.
Deacon Ronald Kado


Historical Photos