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Ohio Diocese

Ohio Diocese Leadership

Bishop, Dr. Bernita Wright

Diocese Overseer

Bishop Ivan Carey

Assistant Diocesan
Ohio diocese

Auxiliary Leaders

Evangelist April Carey

Missionary President

Deacon-Elect Brandon Halliburton

YPWW President

Evangelist Christine Hamiter

State Evangelist

Evangelist Tina Hunter

Diocese Treasurer & Diocese Secretary

Sister Jamie Eldridge

Creative Arts Director

Deacon Michael Christian

Minister of Music

Minister Dortesse Christian

Choir Director

Sister Kenndria Carter

Usher Board President

Sister Kimberly Lowe

Nurses Guild President

Evangelist Lisa Williams

Praise Team Leader

Evangelist Annie Steele

Mother's Board President

Dr. Ernestine Henley

Mother's Board Assistant

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Bishop James Smith

The Legacy of the OGC Ohio Diocese

Ohio Diocese

Our History

The Original Glorious Church has a rich and deeply rooted heritage in Ohio, dating back many years. Throughout the state’s history, the church has been a powerful force for good, with many of its members and leaders making significant impacts in their communities. The church has always been dedicated to spreading the Gospel message and serving the needs of those around them through acts of charity, community outreach, and other forms of service. This legacy of faithfulness and devotion to God and others continues to inspire and guide our church as we seek to build upon the foundation laid by those who came before us and extend the love of Christ to new generations of believers and seekers throughout Ohio and beyond.

Legacy of The Ohio Diocese